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About us

Escape to Fifty4Ferns Resort, a jungle oasis of tranquility, nestled in the foothills of the main mountain range in Janda Baik, Malaysia. Experience breathtaking landscapes, cool mountain air, and lush rainforest teeming with flora and fauna. Your perfect nature getaway awaits.

Our inspiration

Our small jungle retreat begun as a cherished family weekend home and has now blossomed into a serene and private resort. Our wise is to share the magic of Fifty4Ferns and looks to give guests an opportunity to craft their own treasured memories amidst nature's embrace.


Surrounded by mountainous beauty, running rivers, and a tranquil ambiance, our sanctuary is the perfect setting to reconnect with loved ones and rediscover the true essence of togetherness. Whether you are seeking a romantic escape, a family gathering, or a solitary retreat, we invite you to experience the tranquility and fun of nature.

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